Would you like to host a pick up site at your home or business?

We work with a variety of locations: grocery stores, breweries, farm stores, butcher shops, kombucha taprooms, private residences, and more.
For private homes, a garage with a separate door or a covered porch work well. 

Our distributor delivers Creambrook herd shares once per week to your location and provides a list with members' names and share amounts.

You, as the host, determine the days and hours after the milk delivery date that you would like for Creambrook members to come pick up milk.

Members come once per week for their share and pay us directly, so you don't have to handle payments or questions - we do it all!

 - a free gallon of milk each week, delivered right to you!
- consistent, weekly foot traffic to your business of food-conscious, locally-minded people
- be a part of the local food community and bring raw milk to your town!

Want to bring raw milk to your town?

Contact us to get started!

Want to bring raw milk
to your town?