The farm is a vibrant place where we get to produce nutrient-dense food for our community.

We're so glad you are here. 

If you are looking for wholesome, lab-tested raw milk from pastured Jersey cows - well then, you are in the right place!

We are Ben and Kristen Beichler and we are passionate about offering  high quality, delicious, wholesome raw milk for our
"farm family" - you, our herd share members!

Read on to learn more about the farm, our young family, and how you can get started enjoying raw milk around your family table!

Welcome, friends!

Welcome, friends!

- Ben and Kristen Beichler

How our story began...

Creambrook Farm in Middlebrook, VA



Ben and I met when he was 22 and I was about to turn 19. We were both working farm jobs and knew we wanted to pursue livelihoods tending the land through farming.

After almost a year of being friends, we began dating, quickly fell in love and got married in January of 2012! The decision to start a life together was an easy one to make.

It started with a little rented homestead, a flock of chickens and four cows. 

Now we live on our own farm farm tucked into the Shenandoah Valley alongside our four little boys. Our goal is to share wholesome, nutritious raw milk with you and your family, to care for the land and the cows diligently, and to raise our children to love the Lord and others. 

V.C., Mt. Sidney, VA

"We LOVE our milk from Creambrook Farm.

We know we can trust the source and love supporting farmers that are passionate about what they do. We'll never go back to store bought milk!" 

- C.H., Mechanicsville, VA

"Amazing Milk!!! Our family could not be happier!

I did some shopping around before I chose Creambrook, but I am so happy with them. I would never want to get my fresh raw milk from anywhere else!!" 

P. H., Mt. Sidney, VA

“We love our milk from Creambrook Farm!
It's so rich and creamy and our son has been so spoiled with it that he will drink nothing else! Their facilities are immaculate and they are wonderful people!"

B. S., Charlottesville, VA

“I cannot live without this milk! Been drinking this for over one year now."

C.V., Staunton, VA

"I have been drinking raw milk since 1990 and Creambrook Farm is the best in quality and service that I have experienced." 

M.F., Richmond, VA

"This is the best farm (and farmers 😊) with the most amazing milk! We are so grateful for you all and all of the hard work you do bringing us healthy, grass fed raw milk!"

B.P., Lexington, VA

"The most delicious milk I've ever had!! Love this place and these people!!"

Hear What Our Members Have to Say...

Ready to get started?

Start sipping the fresh flavor of raw milk with the very next delivery to your town! 

Three simple steps to getting started and loving your weekly fresh milk delivery from your farmers at Creambrook Farm.



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