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Instant Pot Vanilla Yogurt recipe

Hey, welcome to
the farm!

I'm here to share glimpses of beautiful, ordinary farm life on our grassfed dairy as well as Creambrook updates with you. I hope you stay and read a while!
- Kristen

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with it the beginning of the dreaded family holiday get togethers. Now – hopefully this is not the case for you and your family, but statistically the holidays are a stressful time for many. My hope today is to encourage you on how to possibly make the holidays […]

Thanksgiving and Family


Hi friends! Today is part two of a mini series so you can get to know Creambrook Farm and our family better. Here we go!  -Before we were married, Ben had a milk cow, Beaulah, and loved having a cow and fresh raw milk. I had dairy experience milking cows as a teen. So when […]

The early years at Creambrook.


Hi friends! Today I’m kicking off a mini series so you can get to know Creambrook Farm and our family better. Here we go!  -Ben and I (Kristen) have four little boys: James, Nate, Teddy, and Miles. We are so grateful to be their parents! -Our last name (Beichler) is pronounced “bike – ler,” like […]

Get to know your farmers.


We welcomed our fourth son in August! Miles brings so much joy and we’re so grateful that he’s here!

Welcome, baby!


At the turn of the Autumnal Equinox, our weather went from sunny and warm to a chilly wind reminiscent of winter. We are experiencing cold mornings in the low 40s, which hardly ever happens in September. Hot tea and hoodies are on repeat this week. Each morning we find ourselves adding on more layers than […]

The arrival of Autumn.


As we prepare to welcome our fourth baby, I have been stocking the freezer with meals.  I wanted to share some recipes with you that I have made for the freezer. Our family loves these meals!  Greek Meatballs (for the freezer – I use pork & beef) served with freshly made flatbreads and tzatziki sauce made with homemade yogurt This meal […]

Favorite freezer meals & photos from the farm


It’s hard to believe but it has been 6 weeks since we last sent out a newsletter!   A lot has happened during that time, specifically with our family and the direction of Creambrook so we want to fill you in.  As many of you know, Ben hurt his knee at the end of March, throwing […]

Where have we been? Update on family & Creambrook’s direction.


Last Tuesday, Ben was working cows in the corral and had a clean fall onto his right knee. By evening he was in tremendous pain, even with pain management and ice.   The next day we took him in to get checked while a sweet friend offered to watch our boys. Ben has what appears to […]

It’s been an eventful week.


Meet the farm babies! This year we are trying something new: electrified sheep fence! Calves are moved every other day to fresh pasture with sheep fence from Premier. These six calves are raised on warm milk from our cows. They share a barrel feeder that has tubes and “teats” so they can drink up milk […]

Baby calves and Colt the farm pup.


We are excited to announce that the farm will be growing this coming August, when we welcome Baby 4 to our family!   Kristen has been feeling (mostly) great besides the usual pregnancy morning sickness. The sweet baby kicks make it worth it. :)   We don’t know if Baby is a boy or girl, and after […]

Our little big announcement.


Since we left social media on December 1st, I’ve been honing in on what we are about at Creambrook: Clean, nourishing food. Simplicity. Community. We have been focusing 100% on our raw milk members and our online community. Done with the social media pressures to entertain, we have been thankful to communicate every week directly […]

Early Spring on the farm.