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Instant Pot Vanilla Yogurt recipe

Hey, welcome to
the farm!

I'm here to share glimpses of beautiful, ordinary farm life on our grassfed dairy as well as Creambrook updates with you. I hope you stay and read a while!
- Kristen

How to make 
Raw Butter



Since we left social media on December 1st, I’ve been honing in on what we are about at Creambrook: Clean, nourishing food. Simplicity. Community. We have been focusing 100% on our raw milk members and our online community. Done with the social media pressures to entertain, we have been thankful to communicate every week directly […]

Early Spring on the farm.


Good morning, Creambrook Tribe! Spring is here at Creambrook! Yesterday morning, March 8th, our cows were moved for the first time in 2022 to a new paddock with fresh growing grass.   Every day from now until roughly January 1st, the cows will be moved to a fresh paddock of green grass daily.  This is what we live for […]

Why is my milk yellow?


There is nothing like making homemade butter.  And *eating* homemade butter. The process of taking cream and churning it into butter always makes me smile. Every single time. It makes the kids laugh with giddiness at the golden yellow butter mixing and forming in the kitchen aid.  And making butter at home can be simple!  Here are the […]

How to make raw butter from heavy cream {with photos}