8 Reasons to Enjoy Raw Milk

Raw Milk

If you are curious why more people are purposefully sourcing raw milk from a herd share (own part of a herd of cows) and enjoy fresh, raw milk every week, then this post is for you!

Here are eight reasons to love raw milk!

1. Raw milk is nature’s first food

All milk begins raw! It is a nourishing superfood. Raw cows’ milk contains bio-available Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, has a balance of macronutrients in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. (source) It also contains fat-soluble vitamins, CLA and omega-3’s, and essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium. (source) These vitamins and minerals are altered during pasteurization. Raw milk is one of the most nutrient-dense foods that you can enjoy.

2. Raw milk is a living food

Raw milk contains all of the enzymes required to properly digest milk! These valuable enzymes are lost in the pasteurization process. One of these enzymes, lactase, aids in the proper digestion of lactose. Many people who are lactose-intolerant can enjoy raw milk without any issues. (source)

3. Raw milk is a great source of protein

The two types of protein contained in raw milk are casein and whey protein. One cup of raw milk contains 8 grams of raw protein! (source) Protein is necessary for growing children, building muscle, cell repair and good health. Additionally, it is helpful in muscle recovery after working out. (source)

4. Raw milk supports bone health

Calcium, phosphorus, protein and, in grass-based dairy, Vitamin K2 are all found in raw milk, which aids in good bone health. Calcium in dairy supports healthy bone density and may prevent osteoporosis. (source)

5. Raw milk is not homogenized

The cream rises to the top to be scooped off for coffee, cooking or baking, and butter-making, or shake the container to incorporate the cream and enjoy truly whole milk. Most pasteurized milk is also homogenized, when milk is crushed through tiny holes so that the fat globules are so small that they will not separate and rise to the top. But with raw milk, you can enjoy cream with your milk or ladle it off and enjoy cream in more ways.

6. Raw milk is a complete food

Because raw milk is full of healthy butterfat, protein, and natural carbohydrates, it makes an enjoyable beverage! Cream is satiating and nourishing. Did you know that the federal legal minimum requirement for whole milk is 3.25% butterfat? National dairy processors regularly skim whole milk down to 3.25% fat so that much of the (butterfat) is missing. At Creambrook, all raw milk herd shares are whole milk – unaltered and complete.

7. Raw milk supports regenerative farming

At Creambrook Farm, the health of the cows and the soil are a high priority. A considerable amount of focus is spent on soil fertility and pasture management, rotating during the grazing season and attentive feeding during the winter months to maximize the health of our farm acreage. Our cows are outdoors 365 days of the year and enjoy sunshine, fresh pasture, fermented and dry hay, and minerals.

8. Raw milk helps your local community

By participating in a Creambrook herd share, you are supporting a local dairy farm and a young family. Because of our wonderful herd share members, we are able to employ our amazing team members that keep everything running smoothly. We work with independent distributors to deliver the milk, small businesses and families who host raw milk sites across the state, tradesmen, local feed and mineral suppliers, an incredible veterinarian for herd health, small businesses for supplies, software, and much more. All of this works together beautifully to strengthen the local economy and community.

We are thankful for you being a part of the Creambrook family!

  1. Carolyn says:

    For decades I have gone on dairy binges …milk, cream and yogurt…whenever I leave the country/ I have been so happy to find raw milk and introduce my family to its benefits. Ready to increase my share just so I can make home made yogurt with added processing time to reduce the lactose. Love what you all are doing!

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