The early years at Creambrook.

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Hi friends! Today is part two of a mini series so you can get to know Creambrook Farm and our family better. Here we go! 

-Before we were married, Ben had a milk cow, Beaulah, and loved having a cow and fresh raw milk. I had dairy experience milking cows as a teen. So when Ben & I met, got married, and started on a little rental farm, we both knew we wanted to have cows. 

We bought our first four Jerseys the week that we got back from our honeymoon in 2012: Faith, Ree, Tea Cow, and Lydia. 

-We raised pastured poultry (chickens, turkeys, & ducks) for two years while also growing a small raw milk herd share that offered home delivery in Augusta Co. I’m not sure why we did home delivery :) as I spent a lot of time in the car, but it’s what we did to get started!

-Then we took a few years to take various dairy farm jobs and grow our knowledge and experience. We went and looked at farms for sale in Wisconsin and Missouri but finally landed back in my home state, Virginia. 

-We were so thankful to be able to purchase this farm in 2017, with James and Nate as a toddler and newborn. They have always been immersed in the farm life! 

-Since 2012, our farm business has been “Creambrook Farm.” It just so happened that we moved to a village called “Middlebrook” but that’s not where we got the inspiration for the farm name.  

-Milking just a few cows in the summer of 2017, we started our raw milk herd share. It has been a blessing to serve each of you from our farm ever since!

Ben’s grandfather’s John Deere B arrives on the farm in 2017
the OG Creambrook label! We printed these off our home printer :) Who remembers them?

We are so thankful to serve you from the farm!

–Kristen, for the family and team

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