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It’s been an eventful week.

April 5, 2022

Last Tuesday, Ben was working cows in the corral and had a clean fall onto his right knee. By evening he was in tremendous pain, even with pain management and ice.  

The next day we took him in to get checked while a sweet friend offered to watch our boys. Ben has what appears to be a meniscus injury and will take a few weeks to heal.  

He’s wearing a brace and I’m attempting to get him to rest as much as possible but he is doing farm work that doesn’t require bending or squatting.  

We have a friend, an employee, and my dad to help with the milking. Our small group at church is so kind to bring us meals for the next two weeks.  

The dynamics of the farm have shifted, as I am now doing more farm work, in addition to running our home and caring for the children – and being almost 20 weeks along with Baby 4. 🙂  

We are thankful that it doesn’t appear to be a long-term injury and Ben is already feeling better and more mobile, which we didn’t expect to happen until two weeks post-injury. Praise God!

Colt the farm dog and I are taking over afternoon cow chores right now
  1. martha says:

    I had a meniscus injury, a tear, from a fall down stairs onto a cement floor. I can’t even tell which knee it was now. It hurt to straighten it out at first, but it got better fast. Prayers for a complete healing!

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