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Baby calves and Colt the farm pup.

April 4, 2022

Meet the farm babies! This year we are trying something new: electrified sheep fence! Calves are moved every other day to fresh pasture with sheep fence from Premier.

These six calves are raised on warm milk from our cows. They share a barrel feeder that has tubes and “teats” so they can drink up milk twice a day. They are also fed a non-GMO pellet to keep up digestion and growth.

Everyone, meet Noodle! She is the youngest in the group and can almost eat more than any of the others. She is spunky and outgoing. My 7 year old named her Noodle and we think it is perfect.

This gal is Peaches! I named her. 🙂 She is a few months old and one of the older calves in the group.

And here is Colt! He is our shorthair border collie who is learning the ropes here at Creambrook. He is smart and we hope he will learn to herd the cows this year. Colt is in training and loves to ride with me on the 4-wheeler while I do chores.

Happy Monday! – Kristen

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