Early Spring on the farm.

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Since we left social media on December 1st, I’ve been honing in on what we are about at Creambrook:

Clean, nourishing food.



We have been focusing 100% on our raw milk members and our online community.

Done with the social media pressures to entertain, we have been thankful to communicate every week directly with our families and community through our email newsletters and blog posts.

I haven’t shared many farm photos because Winter was 1. very challenging, 2. very long, and 3. not very pretty. :)

But since we don’t have a social media account any longer, and as nature wakes up to warmer temperatures and beautiful, new life is growing again, I’ve been inspired to share more.

Here are some photos of early Spring! And join our email community at the bottom of the page, we’d love to have you!

We moved the baby heifers from the barn onto pasture in electrified netting. They transitioned really well to being outdoors and love their new home! We are using Premier sheep netting so it’s short and lightweight enough that the boys can help move them, too.

They are the sweetest bunch! We feed them on bottles at first and the transition them to a barrel of warm milk and peach teats so they can eat at one time.

Our boys love to be in involved as much as possible with farm work and are becoming quite helpful. Here we were checking each heifer before we moved them from a smaller field by the barn to a much larger field with electrified fence. The corral is helpful for going through the whole group in a timely and efficient manner.

The sunrises have been stunning lately.

I made butter from heavy cream that was getting a bit too old. It churned up quickly in the mixer and is so yummy and fun to make! Here is my raw butter tutorial with photos.

I’ve been getting into sourdough and we all love these sourdough pancakes! The flavor is unmatched.

Thanks for reading! :)

  1. Mary says:

    Happy Friday :) Do you think you might be selling pint kefir grains again? Would love a couple pints ❤

    • Kristen Beichler says:

      Hi Mary! I plan to have more available later this Spring/early Summer! :) Thank you!

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